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Tattoo info

Entrance to Tattoo Parlor | Boston Barber & Tattoo Co.North End’s Original Tattoo Parlor

Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. is the first and only tattoo shop in the Boston area, and we take an enormous amount of pride in being the only tattoo studio located in downtown Boston in over 50 years, our team knows everything and anything to do with tattoo. We are also the first and only hybrid barber/tattoo shop in Massachusetts.

Ready to get your custom tattoo? You can easily book an appointment with us online, and feel free to browse through our photo gallery.


Tattoo Info

–  You MUST be 18+ to get tattooed. A parent may NOT consent for you.
–  Please bring a valid photo ID such as a state issued drivers license or state ID card, a military ID or a passport. If you do not have a photo ID, we cannot tattoo you.
–  While we are a family friendly business, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 into the tattoo rooms. (An exception will be made for minors getting piercings, please see our booking website for all age requirements.)
–  Our shop minimum is $120. No negotiations. 
–  Hourly rates start at $200. Depending on custom work, tattoo style, color, size and location.
–  Cash or card is accepted to pay for the tattoo, if you do choose to leave a gratuity it is cash only. 
–  All tattoo appointments require a $100, or $250 deposit, depending on the appointment length. Deposits can be made with cash or card and can either be used  towards the final cost of the tattoo, or be rolled over for multi-session pieces. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE.  
–  All rescheduling for appointments require a 48 hour notice. No exceptions. One reschedule is permitted per deposit, as long as proper notice (48 hours) is given.
  We accept walk-ins on first come first serve basis. Due to high volume, we recommend booking an appointment to guarantee yourself a spot, we will post on our social media if we have same day availability.  
  Currently due to Covid-19, we cannot accommodate any guests during tattoo appointments.


* If you are going to be running late and fail to call- you will be charged for your booked amount of time. Later than 20 mins; rescheduling and a new deposit will be needed (per artists discretion)



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