Meet the Barbers

Matthew (Cap) Cappello: 25 years old Skilled with the clippers like no other. Born and raised in the streets of the North End. Can tackle any hairy situation and specializes in all the newest trends and styles. He’s been with Boston Barber Co. from day one.

Brennan (Big time) Osgood: 25 years old Uses a straight edge like an artist, specializes in straight edge shaves, beards, and line ups. Skilled with all kinds of hair from ethnic to executive cuts. He’ll make you laugh and look great too.

David (DJ) Jordan: 26 years old came to Boston Barber without much experience and within a year became a master cutter. His cuts and shaves are flawless and polished. A true professional and gentleman.

Benny (Bazil) D’ambrosio: 36 years old Has every barber tool in the book. The veteran has been cutting hair his whole life and when your in his chair you know immediately your dealing with the hair doctor. He moves like Edward scissor hands and the end result is always a masterpiece.

Robert (The Boss) Dello Russo: Creator and the heart of the Boston Barber Co. specializes in fixing bad haircuts and giving flawless haircuts of all kinds from long to skin fades. Invented and honed his own method of straight edge shaving to perfection. When you get in his chair you know your dealing with nothing but the best.